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National Numeracy appoints new vice chair

30 Jan 2020

The chief economist at the Bank of England, Andy Haldane has been appointed vice chair of National Numeracy. 

Haldane, an existing trustee, said “I’m delighted to work with National Numeracy to help fix the UK’s numeracy crisis – for that is what it is.  Good number skills are a key foundation in building a productive economy and inclusive society.  There has been no more important time to be taking action.”

Belinda Vernon, chair of National Numeracy, said “Andy’s ideas and direction have already been crucial to our impact in many areas. I am delighted to be working with him as vice chair. I’d also like to thank John Griffith-Jones for his support as vice-chair over the last 4 years.”

Andy Haldane joined the board as a trustee in 2016 and succeeds John Griffith-Jones who retired as a trustee in October 2019.

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