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National Numeracy Day live event line-up announced

13 May 2021

Attending a festival, show or event in person may still be a little way off, so pull up a pew and get ready to join in a dazzling day of lives events from the comfort of your own home for National Numeracy Day on 19 May.

The full line-up of hosts and panelists have been announced for a series of events being livestreamed across social media throughout National Numeracy Day, covering three crucial topics: supporting your children; managing your money; and getting into, or on, at work.

Celebrities, experts, parents and workers will discuss their experiences and give their top tips and answer your questions.

Image showing the live events schedule on National Numeracy Day - all information is included in the article

No registration is required for the event – just watch and join in via National Numeracy Day web page or our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

And then there’s the star-studded afterparty!

Celebrity Breakfast Club - launching the day with activities for children

When is it? 7.30am, 19 May

What is it? Have breakfast with our celebrity ambassadors and find out about all the Numeracy Day activities and challenges they’ve created to get children across the UK having fun and thinking differently about numbers. 

Who’s the host? Rachel Riley

Who is taking part? Rachel Riley, Bobby Seagull, Katya Jones, Peter Sawkins, Harry Baker

Why join? Because you want to start National Numeracy Day the right way: by dancing, rapping and eating cake, of course!

Promo graphic for the "Breakfast Club" event

Work it! How to use numbers to supercharge your job search and career

When is it? 10.30am, 19 May

What is it? Hear from celebrities, experts and workers about how boosting number confidence can help you get the job you want and get on in the job you have.

Who’s the host? Harry Baker – poet, comedian and National Numeracy Ambassador

Who is taking part?

  • Alba Fernández – Associate Therapy Practitioner for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, and National Numeracy Day Hero
  • Harry Fletcher – Audit Apprentice at KPMG
  • Cara Mitchell – Nursery Manager for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, and National Numeracy Day Hero
  • Danielle Orme – TP ICAP broker
  • Darice Rusagara – Enterprise Sales Account Manager for West Africa at Bloomberg LP
  • Sam Sims – Chief Executive for National Numeracy

Why join? Because this group has you covered when it comes to tips for boosting your work-related number game.

Promo graphic for the "Work it!" event

Hated homeschool maths? How to help children love numbers (even if you don’t)

When is it? 1pm, 19 May

What is it? Celebrities, experts, teachers and parents share their experiences and tips on how to help your children learn to love numbers – even if you don’t feel confident about them yourself. 

Who’s the host? Bobby Seagull – TV presenter, maths teacher and National Numeracy Ambassador

Who is taking part?

  • Katya Jones – Strictly professional dancer and National Numeracy Ambassador
  • Gillian Jones – Acting Deputy Head Teacher and National Numeracy Day Hero
  • Susan Okereke Maths Appeal podcaster, and maths teacher
  • Sam Sims – Chief Executive for National Numeracy
  • Russell Winnard – Director of Programmes and Services at Young Money

Why join? Because parents right across the UK struggle to support their kids with maths, and this panel can help make it easier and even enjoyable for you!

Promo graphic for the "Hated homeschool maths?" event

Money and confidence: Tips to make your money go further

When is it? 2.30pm, 19 May

What is it? Celebrities, experts and real people on how building number confidence can help you get on top of your finances, change the way you spend and plan for the future

Who’s the host? Claer Barrett – Financial Times Consumer Editor

Who is taking part?

  • Maryam Abdulgader – Bakery student and National Numeracy Day Hero
  • Katya Jones – Strictly professional dancer and National Numeracy Ambassador
  • James Jones – Head of Consumer Affairs, Experian
  • Joseph Nwosu – Black Millenial Money podcaster
  • Cathy Prior – PFG and numeracy improver
  • Sam Sims – Chief Executive for National Numeracy

Why join? Because nothing makes us want to brush up on our numbers more than being able to save ourselves some cash and bag a bargain. This panel will tell you how they did it!

Promo graphic for the "Money and confidence" event

Katya, Bobby and Harry's National Numeracy Day Afterparty

When is it? 6pm, 19 May

What is it? Join the National Numeracy Ambassadors for chat, gossip and tips as they wrap up National Numeracy Day with an online after party on Katya's Instagram account. Everyone's invited!

Who’s the host? Katya Jones, Bobby Seagull and Harry Baker

Who is taking part? As many of their friends as they can muster. And you!

Why join? Because when these three get together it’s always a riot - expect some surprise faces, a few challenges and lots of fun.

Promo graphic for the Afterparty

Start improving your numeracy – register on the National Numeracy Challenge now!

National Numeracy has developed an online tool to help you improve your numeracy and boost your confidence. This interactive website is free to use at home, at work or on the move. You can assess your current level of numeracy – completely anonymously – and then begin an online journey to getting the Essentials of Numeracy.