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National Numeracy helps parents overcome maths anxiety on BBC Women's Hour

3 Apr 2019

Following the publication of research into maths anxiety by the University of Cambridge, BBC Women's Hour invited Kayla Fuller from National Numeracy to discuss the best ways to help children struggling with maths anxiety and share her personal experience of overcoming her own maths anxiety.

Appearing alongside Lucy Rycroft-Smith from Cambridge Mathematics, Kayla explained how maths anxiety impacted her behaviour and performance in GCSE Maths lessons. She went on to share how she was able to use her understanding of the value of maths, and the self-belief gained from other experiences, to develop the resilience to overcome her anxiety as an adult.

Lucy and Kayla also provided BBC Women's Hour with 10 tips, ranging from staying positive to making time for non-traditional maths, for parents and carers looking to help children struggling with maths anxiety.

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Want help to feel confident with numbers?

One of the best ways to conquer adult maths anxiety and help children develop a positive attitude to numbers is by building our own skills and confidence. The National Numeracy Challenge is a free and easy-to-use website which enables you to build your confidence with numbers in a pressure-free environment, in your own time.