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A Question of Sport’s Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson take Maths Test

19 Mar 2015

The captains tackled maths questions school pupils are expected to be able to answer to highlight adult numeracy on BBC Radio 5Live Afternoon Edition.

The questions were taken from a new online numeracy quiz which is part of the BBC’s Maths of the Day campaign and comes as a new survey, carried out by YouGov on our behalf, highlights that over a third of adults (35%) have found aspects of everyday life challenging because they involved maths or numeracy skills.

Here are the three questions put to Tufnell, Dawson and the Question of Sport audience by Afternoon Edition presenter Dan Walker:

  1. A bat and a ball together cost £11. The bat cost £10 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? Is it: a) 50p, b) £1 c) £1.50?
  2. What is the smallest number of notes and coins needed to make £48.65? Is it: a) 8, b) 9 or c) 10?
  3. If the price of your season ticket went up last year by 10% and then was cut by 10% this year, will it now be: a) Higher than before, b) The same as before or c) Lower than before?

The team captains admit they struggled with the quiz; “It’s a long time since we did maths,” said Matt Dawson. “Tuffers did Maths ‘O’ level back in the 50s!”

The research and the quiz featured on BBC Radio 5Live’s Afternoon Edition on Thursday, March 19th from 1-4pm.

Listen again to the 5Live discussion with National Numeracy’s Mike Ellicock and Rachel Riley, TV presenter and co-host of Channel 4’s quiz show Countdownt (coming soon)