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Supporting healthcare assistants with award winning numeracy campaign

12 Jul 2018

Congratulations to Jane Eyre and Bev Herring at UNISON Blackpool Health branch, who have won an award for their work to support numeracy across Blackpool NHS Teaching Hospitals Trust for the second year in a row. 

The recognition came at the UnionLearn annual conference this month in the category of Supporting Learners' Numeracy Skills.  

The campaign, in partnership with National Numeracy, has been running since 2016 and helped many staff to get the confidence and skills they need to progress at work and move towards the next step in their career. 

National Numeracy

Jane Eyre said “We are really pleased that we’ve won it again, it's brilliant. The recognition helps us spread the word more widely within the trust, and get out to the community staff as well as those in hospital settings. We could not have done this without funding from the Union Learning Fund.

Sally Hilton said “When it comes to maths a lot of people shy away from it and do not feel confident enough to support others. Jane and Bev have shown just how easy it is and used the National Numeracy Challenge to help those who wanted to improve.

Congratulations from everyone at National Numeracy!

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