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More resources for adults

Use the resources on this page to start building your confidence with numbers. Whether you want to minimise anxiety, or improve your money management.

The National Numeracy Challenge helps you to practise your numeracy skills. 

Find out more about it and give it a go! 

Learn more about the Challenge  

6 Tips For Overcoming Maths Anxiety

Almost all of us will feel maths anxiety at some point, be kind to yourself by trying these 6 tips.
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5 tips for getting confident with maths at work

At work we all want to be seen as competent, professional and confident, but low confidence with numbers can get in the way of this. Try these tips to feel better about numbers.
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Mr MoneyJar's 6 Tips For Money Management

Our ambassador Timi Merriman-Johnson AKA Mr MoneyJar shares 6 practical tips to help you manage your money, and three reasons why maths is great for money management.
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Iona Bain's Tips for Feeling Better About Numbers with Dyscalculia

Our ambassador and finance expert Iona Bain talks gives some tips - based on her own experience - on how you or your child can feel better about numbers if you have dyscalculia.
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The Big Number Natter 

Whether you love it or loathe it, everyone has something to say about maths!

Find everything you need to have your own Number Natter and build number confidence where you are.


Try the National Numeracy Challenge

 However you feel about maths, you’re not alone. The National Numeracy Challenge is a free and easy-to-use website you can use to improve your confidence with numbers, in your own time and at your own pace.

It’s ideal for brushing up, checking your level, or for catching up on learning you missed, and it’s all about the maths you need in daily life and at work – no algebra or trigonometry.

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More from National Numeracy Day 

To access content to help children, including our Number Heroes Competition, head over to the main National Numeracy Day page. 

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