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Children's numeracy

Bobby Seagull

National Numeracy Day LIVE

Bobby Seagull and Katya Jones hosted 30-minutes of non-stop number fun with West Ham United Foundation and BBC CBeebies Numberblocks in celebration of National Numeracy Day!

You can still join in the fun! 

Download Bobby's Big Number Fun Quiz Sheet and answers, learn Katya's dance and watch the event any time on the event page

Watch the event

National Numeracy Day Live_National Numeracy Ambassador Katya Jones with West Ham mascot Hammerhead and Numberblock One at Rosetta Primary School, London. Credit National Numeracy_web

Celebrity activities

Our celebrity ambassadors have put together some fantastic number fun activities for you!
Download the sheets and watch the videos – it's all free!

Rachel Riley's number confidence tips for children 

Countdown's Rachel Riley shares four, fantastic tips that all kids can use to build their confidence with numbers. Share them with your children – and they work for adults too!

Download tips

 Get rapping with Harry Baker

Get rapping along with Harry or make up their own rhymes. Our poet and mathematician has created a new number rap for 2023. Have a go – it's brilliant fun!

Dance with Strictly's Katya Jones

Strictly Come Dancing’s star Katya Jones is helping get the nation get number confident with some dynamite dance moves! In a hip-swinging activity Katya helps children boost their number confidence by using movement. There’s nothing to stop the grown-ups joining in too!

Get baking with Peter Sawkins

Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins has created a new recipe just for National Numeracy Day 2023! This year, you don't even need an oven as Peter's rocky-road bars can be made without one! Get baking by using the download button below.

Money activities from Mr MoneyJar

Mr MoneyJar, AKA the finance expert and podcaster Timi Merriman-Johnson, has created a sheet about savings to help children learn about money in a fun and imaginative way. It’s not about having lots of money, it's about learning to use what you do have wisely – setting kids on a great path for the future.

Activities from the Numberblocks!

This year we've teamed up with BBC CBeebies Numberblocks to bring you a set of amazing activities for under 5s.

Let's dance with the Numberblocks!

Strictly Come Dancing champion Katya Jones teaming up with the Numberblocks to get you building your number confidence through movement and rhythm. 

Download all the activities below...  

Fifteen's minute of fame

Who is hiding with Ten in each Numberblock




Fifty is a rock and roll superstar

Count up the 5s as you colour them in.


Sky high fives

Can you find the fives hiding in these times tables? 

Sky high

Five and friends are on stage

Which number is missing? 


Five and friends 

All these numbers are made up of 'five and a bit'. Show how they're made by colouring them in. 

five and friends

NumBots Bot Bingo!

Bot Bingo is a fun, interactive, downloadable game from Maths Circle that can be played in the classroom.

Who will be the first to call "BOT BINGO!"?

Bot Bingo is a fun and engaging way for students to build core maths skills starting from the basics with subitising. Subitising is the ability to recognise small quantities of objects without counting. With Bot Bingo, as well as subitising, numbers are shown in familiar pictorial representations, including bar models and cherries. Students need to recognise the number and find it on their Bot Bingo card. Suitable from age 5 to 95!

Download game

NumBots Bot Bingo

Number Heroes Competition

Create a picture of you doing your dream job or hobby and tell us how it uses numbers. Let your imagination run wild to be in with a chance to win a fantastic prize for yourself and one of six incredible prize bundles worth £1000 each for your nursery, school or youth group.

The 2024 competition is now LIVE! Download your entry sheet now and get started.

Sign up to National Numeracy Day 

Sign up National Numeracy Day and help your school, organisation or community get number confident! You will receive free, fun materials and resources to use and share and join over 4,800 others Champions helping the nation get on with numbers.

More information for schools

Get stronger maths to help your children

However you feel about maths, you’re not alone. The National Numeracy Challenge is a free and easy-to-use website you can use to improve your confidence with numbers, in your own time and at your own pace.

It’s ideal for brushing up, checking your level, or for catching up on learning you missed, and it’s all about the maths you need in daily life and at work – no algebra or trigonometry.

Image showing the Challenge on a computer monitor

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More from National Numeracy Day 

Get resources to help adults build their confidence with numbers get involved in the #BigNumberNatter or visit the National Numeracy Day homepage. 

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