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Donate now

We want every person in the UK to reach a level of numeracy that allows them to meet their full potential. We believe that this is possible but we need your support to help make this happen.

Other ways you can help

Have some fun in aid of a good cause! 

Why not organise a number trail, pi bake, or sporting activity to raise money for National Numeracy? 

Donate through your wages

Give as much as you like, tax free. Ask your employer about payroll giving.

Sponsor us

If your company is interested in corporate sponsorship please get in touch with Cassia Weaver, Partnerships Manager, at [email protected] or 01273 915 044.

Make a difference

Donating £3

£3 could pay for us to send a set of numeracy wallcharts to a school, and help students to be excited by examples of everyday maths in context.

Donating £19

£19 could cover our costs for one person to take the National Numeracy Challenge, helping them to confidentially assess their numeracy level and gain confidence with their numeracy.

Donating £50

£50 could help us to maintain our Family Maths Toolkit which supports parents and families to do maths together.