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Lead Delivery Partners 


As one of our Lead Delivery Partners for National Numeracy Day 2021, you help make National Numeracy Day happen. Thank you. 

Get the word out about the day to your colleagues, beneficiaries, customers and other audiences using the content on this page. Download a campaign guide to get started.

Download campaign guide   

Download staff engagement guide

Download step-by-step handout for staff engagement

See you in the build up to the big day on 19 May!

NN Day logo

'Join in' graphics for social

We've got all the assets you need to get the word out on social media. 

This .zip folder contains assets for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter:

Download zip folder

See the campaign guide for post templates.

join in

Promote our live events

Download and use these graphics on social media:

Download zip folder

See the campaign guide for post templates.

Live event schedule graphic preview

Champion sign-up call to action

Get more people and organisations to become National Numeracy Champions from within your network. 

Download and use this graphic on social media:

Get the graphic

See the campaign guide for post templates.

champion sign up

Email footer and Screensaver

Trying to engage staff where you work? Get a footer for your email signature and a screensaver to feature on shared computers:

Download zip folder


Logos and Lead Delivery Partner badge

Download logos and badge

Download logo usage guide

Logo usage document preview

Be sure to tag us in any social media activity and use #NationalNumeracyDay so we can see and share what you're up to! You can find us on: