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Join The Big Number Natter for National Numeracy Day 2022 

6 Apr 2022

The first ever nationwide conversation about numbers will take place for National Numeracy Day on 18 May. 

Independent charity National Numeracy wants to get the UK talking about how numbers make them feel, as a first step towards improving numeracy, by launching The Big Number Natter.

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Let's talk about maths

Love it or loathe it, everyone has something to say when it comes to maths. Whether it’s a story about school lessons, tips for the best supermarket bargains, calculations in your career or helping kids with homework.

Opening up about our feelings is a great first step towards positive change. And talking about the way we feel about numbers is no different. Often, we find out others feel just the same as we do! 

Ending the 'bad at maths' boast

Lots of people feel worried about numbers and maths, often having had a bad experience at school. And while not being able to read holds some stigma, it’s not uncommon to hear people declare ‘I don’t do maths, but it doesn’t matter.’ 

However, it really does matter: a huge 49% of the UK’s working-age population has the expected numeracy levels of a primary school child. Struggling with numbers can make people more vulnerable to debt, unemployment, poor health and fraud – all of which have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis and now, the cost-of-living crisis. That’s why improving the nation’s numeracy is so crucial right now.  

Join Bobby Seagull and friends by sharing your story

So, this May, join celebrities and experts on social media by sharing your own number stories via #BigNumberNatter. Or join the thousands of people holding their own number natter sessions across the UK, by hosting your own at school, college, work or in your community.  
Bobby Seagull, TV presenter, maths teacher and National Numeracy Ambassador said: “I know people from all walks of life who feel a bit scared when it comes to numbers, from famous faces to parents at my school and fellow fans at West Ham. But everyone can feel more confident with maths. So, this National Numeracy Day, please join me and my fellow Ambassadors in having a Big Number Natter.” 

Get started

Visit the National Numeracy Day website for free resources to get started and to have a go at the National Numeracy Challenge to check your numeracy and start improving in just 10 minutes. 

Or find out more about The Big Number Natter and how you can get involved as an individual or with your organisation.

National Numeracy Day is brought to you by independent charity National Numeracy, Founding Supporter KPMG and a group of pioneering Lead Supporter and Lead Delivery Partner organisations who are dedicated to improving the nation’s numeracy confidence and skill. 

Become a Champion

For schools and organisations signing up to be National Numeracy Champions – there are free digital toolkits bursting with assets and guides to putting on a fantastic National Numeracy Day including The Big Number Natter in classrooms, at work or in your communities.

Join The Big Number Natter!

Become a National Numeracy Day Champion Organisation

Sign up to be a National Numeracy Day Champion and help your school, organisation or community get number confident! In the build up to 18 May 2022 you will receive free, fun materials and resources to use and share and join over 2,810 others Champions helping the nation get on with numbers.

More information for schools

More information for workplaces and orgs