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Celebrating a year of the National Numeracy Corporate Volunteering Programme

5 Oct 2023

It’s been an incredible first year for National Numeracy’s Corporate Volunteering programme, with 41 volunteers reaching over 9,000 children in 50 schools. Read on to learn more about the programme’s success and why you and your organisation might like to get involved!

Read the End of Year 1 Programme Report 

Volunteer in classroom

With support from National Numeracy partner Capital One, between October 2022 and January 2023, we piloted a volunteer training session and two primary school volunteering activities.

During the first academic year we were then able to: 

  • Improve and implement our online Numeracy Corporate Volunteer training sessions, training 72 volunteers from our partners Capital One, Experian and Vanquis Banking Group.
  • Improve and roll out the two activities with 41 volunteers delivering 51 ‘My Maths Story’ assemblies and 41 ‘Maths in the Real World’ class sessions, reaching over 9,000 children in 50 schools, with volunteers giving a total of 313 volunteer training and delivery hours.
  • Gather feedback from 34 volunteers and 36 teachers.

Our trained volunteers now go into schools across the UK, delivering My Maths Story assemblies and Maths in the Real World classroom sessions.

Both these activities aim to:

  • Enable pupils to make the link between what they are learning and the world of work.
  • Inspire children to see the maths in life beyond school.
  • Challenge stereotypes about careers and the world of work.
  • Provide opportunities that showcase and develop volunteers’ skills, enhancing self-confidence and giving a sense of achievement.

As well as engaging the younger generation in learning about the practical applications of numeracy, the Corporate Volunteering Programme offers the opportunity for corporate partners to support communities in developing the building blocks of social mobility.  

Individual volunteers are also able to develop and showcase their planning, presentation and communication skills and build their self-confidence.

It's even possible sometimes for volunteers to visit their old primary school, or their children’s school, or volunteer close to home, if they work remotely. 

What our corporate volunteers say: 

“The assembly format and lesson plan were excellent. It supported the learning objectives. The children were really engaged and contributed well to the session.” 

“It was really rewarding to hear the children talk about maths so positively and to start to imagine how they might use maths in their jobs in the future.” 

“You just make it so easy to volunteer, I've always wanted to but have always felt there were too many barriers (at work or otherwise). This fits so well into my everyday work routine - thank you - it's so fulfilling.” 

Our feedback says*:

  • 100% of teachers agreed that the sessions inspired the children to see the maths in life beyond school.
  • 100% of volunteers agreed they had fun and enjoyed themselves. 
  • 92% of volunteers agreed they were able to develop their communication skills. 
  • 91% of volunteers agreed taking part had developed their self-confidence.

*All teachers and volunteers were sent a feedback form after each volunteering session. 34 volunteers and 36 teachers completed feedback forms.

Our corporate volunteering programme builds a community of volunteers with an understanding of the UK’s low numeracy problem and a commitment to addressing it.

We aim to extend our reach into communities most in need, drawing on insights gained from The UK Numeracy Index and those of our corporate partners. Find out more about The UK Numeracy Index here.

As we celebrate a year of volunteering success, we’d like to give a huge ‘Thank you!’ to the Corporate Social Responsibility Leads and volunteers from Capital One, Experian and Vanquis Banking Group for their time and commitment.

A big thanks also to all the schools who have taken part. We hope to see many more discover the benefits of the programme in the upcoming months.

For further information about the programme or its impact this year, please contact [email protected]

If you are a corporate organisation that would like more information about becoming a National Numeracy partner and taking part in our volunteering programme, please contact [email protected]

Primary or junior schools in London, Portsmouth, Havant, Gosport, Belfast or Nottingham can find out more and apply for a volunteer to visit your school here

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Find out more about National Numeracy’s Corporate Volunteering Programme and how to partner with us