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Finally...a new year resolution you can achieve!

17 Dec 2020

If, like most of us, you would like to consign 2020 to the past and move quickly on, then why not learn something new in 2021, for free?

Making a “new year, new me” promise that you can actually keep, might be quicker and easier than you think. In just 10 minutes a day, you can brush up on your numbers with the new, improved National Numeracy Challenge.

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The National Numeracy Challenge is a free and easy-to-use website where you can improve your number confidence and your everyday maths skills. It is all about how maths is used in daily life – so will help you start the new year better equipped to find a new job, get on at work, get ready to take a qualification, manage your money or help your kids with homework.

And, new for 2021, the Challenge now shows you how to solve the questions it poses. No more searching for answers or wondering where you went ‘wrong’. The Challenge will show animations of how to arrive at the correct answer. Everything you need to learn and improve your numeracy is now at your fingertips, on mobile, tablet or computer.

​The Challenge is easy to fit around your life; you learn in your own time and at your own pace and it adapts to your own personal level, to ensure you never feel out of your depth. You will only see the harder questions once you have mastered the easier ones.

You can check your skills in 10 minutes and watch short videos of people who feel exactly like you do about maths. Then, with over 330 resources to help adults of all skill levels, you can work towards getting an ‘Essentials of Numeracy’ certificate, demonstrating the standard needed in the workplace and daily life, roughly equivalent to a ‘C’ or ‘4’ at GCSE or a Level 2 Functional Skills qualification.

Challenge user Stacey said she enjoyed using it because she could go at her own pace, with no one looking over her shoulder:

I found it useful to look at the resources and see where you went wrong, then have another go at it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get to an answer at the end. In the past I’ve been invigilated and that made me feel really vulnerable. It’s great with the Challenge because nobody can see your score. When I got to my top score it felt amazing!

Don’t just take Stacey’s word for it, give it a go yourself. Whether you need to build your maths skills or your confidence with numbers, the National Numeracy Challenge can help. Take your first step now.

New and improved National Numeracy Challenge

You asked, we listened: the National Numeracy Challenge now has new resources and step-by-step guides for each of the 334 possible questions, so you don't have to go anywhere else to keep building your confidence with numbers.

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