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Free activity packs worth £250 for parents who hated homeschooling maths

13 Sep 2021

As parents and teachers recover from the back-to-school rush, fears that kids have missed out on maths during the pandemic might be hard to shake.

Recent research revealed a whopping 59% of parents said maths was the toughest lesson to teach their kids during lockdown and the same proportion said that doing so highlighted their own lack of confidence in numbers. 

So, in a bid to help both kids and parents feel more maths confident as the new term begins, charity National Numeracy has made £250-worth of maths activities, called the Family Maths Toolkit, completely free of charge, thanks to the support of our partner TP ICAP

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Image showing the covers of the Family Maths Toolkit Activities, from Reception to Year 6

The free Family Maths Toolkit offers 230 activities for primary school children and focuses on getting the whole family involved. Activities cover key topics from the curriculum, but in real-life scenarios, such as baking or saving money.

As well as helping pupils see the value of everyday maths, the Toolkit includes suggestions for how parents and teachers can use them, as well as resources on inspiring a positive attitude to maths.

The resources have been a huge hit with schools that have used them: 100% of teachers would recommend the Family Maths activities to another school; 91% of children said they liked the activities; and 74% of parents said they helped them feel more confident engaging with their child’s maths learning.

Gillian Jones, acting deputy head of St Aidan’s Primary School in North Lanarkshire said: “Many of the Family Maths Toolkit resources totally saved us during lockdown. Parents can be hard on themselves, and this helped some admit they struggle to know how to support their children. With these activities, the children didn’t see it as a maths lesson, more as a fun challenge and a lot of grandparents, older siblings, even cousins got involved!”

Sam Sims, chief executive of National Numeracy said: “Improved number confidence and numeracy skills can be life changing. As children go back to school after a very challenging 18 months, we are re-doubling our efforts to help parents, carers and teachers support children’s numeracy, at a time when some children, and adults, could benefit most from developing greater confidence with numbers.”

What does the Family Maths Toolkit include?

The Family Maths Toolkit helps both adults and children by exploring everyday maths together and includes:

  • Year group packs: 7 year group packs – from reception to Year 6 - each containing 30 activities linked to the maths curriculum for that year group. Each pack also contains an overview for teachers, outlining the curriculum links and term suggestions.
  • Mindset activity pack: 6 activities about positive mindsets, while not maths-specific they encourage children to develop a growth mindset, which is important for learning maths.
  • Maths & Money activity pack: 18 activities exploring the everyday maths involved in money, centred around key themes such as earning, spending and saving, planning a day out, planning meals and shopping.
  • Parents and carer information: 4 information sheets exploring key ways parents and carers can support their children in developing positive attitudes towards maths and ways that adults can improve their own confidence with numbers.

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