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National Numeracy Day holds biggest ever programme of activities on 18 May 2022

28 Mar 2022

On Wednesday 18 May, National Numeracy Day is celebrating its fifth birthday as the UK’s only day dedicated to everyday maths. 

A host of stars including TV’s Bobby Seagull, Martin Lewis, Rachel Riley and Strictly’s Katya Jones are among those helping charity National Numeracy boost the nation’s number confidence.

National Numeracy Day celebration picture

With the cost-of-living crisis and continuing effects of Covid, this year, more than ever before, getting on with numbers is a crucial skill. From bagging a bargain at the shops, to using numbers at work or for supporting children, National Numeracy Day is all about the importance of numbers in everyday life for adults and children.  
National Numeracy Day 2022 will be bigger and better than ever. Our website will offer a host of free, fun and helpful activities, events and resources for adults and children to get involved, from tip sheets to download and videos to watch as well as quick and easy ways to get started on improving numeracy via the National Numeracy Challenge. Plus, new this year, a nationwide first will be announced in April – watch this space! 

For schools and organisations signing up to be National Numeracy Champions – there are free digital toolkits bursting with assets and guides to putting on a fantastic National Numeracy Day in classrooms or communities. 

Our biggest ever programme for schools and children will offer range of fun activities to inspire number positivity, including  National Numeracy Day’s fifth birthday party packs and ideas to an expanded Number Heroes Competition after its soaraway success last year. And don’t miss the April announcement of an exciting nationwide event with our partner Times Tables Rock Stars.
Sam Sims, chief executive of National Numeracy said: “National Numeracy Day 2022 is shaping up to be the most exciting and inspiring event we have held to date. With the support of our fantastic partners, we are aiming to get more people in the UK than ever before feeling good about numbers and taking action to improve both their confidence and skill.
A huge 49% of the UK’s working-age population has the expected numeracy levels of a primary school child and poor numeracy costs the UK economy £25 billion a year. Struggling with numbers can make people more vulnerable to debt, unemployment, poor health and fraud – all of which have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis and now, the cost-of-living crisis. That’s why National Numeracy is so important and why getting involved can help people up and down the country.”
Minister for Employment, Mims Davies MP said: “I’m thrilled to be supporting National Numeracy Day as the campaign celebrates its fifth year, empowering people to take steps to improve their skills and boost their confidence. 

Good or improved numeracy skills are essential for daily life, in perhaps helping to more easily manage household finances, deciding pension contributions or planning savings. 

“Our brilliant Work Coaches in JCPs in communities across the nation are making sure jobseekers have the support they need, boosting both access and take up of numeracy courses – so everyone can reach their full potential.” 

National Numeracy Day is brought to you by independent charity National Numeracy, Founding Supporter KPMG and group of pioneering Lead Supporter and Lead Delivery Partner organisations who are dedicated to improving the nation’s numeracy confidence and skills. All of the organisations involved are listed below. Take a look at why they are involved and get in touch if you would like to join them by emailing [email protected]

Founding Supporter

KPMG in the UK is proud to be the Founding Supporter of National Numeracy Day. Employing approximately 15,300 partners and staff and operating from 22 offices across the UK, we recognise that numeracy, literacy and lifelong learning are the building blocks for social mobility - laying the foundations for a more prosperous and fairer economy.

KPMG logo

2022 Lead Supporters

Amazon UK logo

Amazon UK

At Amazon, we understand that numeracy is more important than ever before. Numeracy is a key aspect of our work, from accounting and impact measurement to machine learning, automation and AI. That’s why we are delighted to support National Numeracy as part of our long-term commitment to give young people opportunities in the digital age, regardless of their background. By working closely with National Numeracy, we want to help many more young people to access exciting and rewarding careers.

Barclays LifeSkills logo

Barclays LifeSkills

"Numeracy is critical in preparing people for work. With low numeracy confidence and maths anxiety disproportionately impacting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and the pandemic having exacerbated this; the need for support is more urgent than ever. LifeSkills is thrilled to be supporting National Numeracy Day and working with the charity to help people build vital confidence with numbers earlier on in life”
Kate McGoey, Senior LifeSkills Manager

Bloomberg L.P. logo

Bloomberg L.P.

At Bloomberg, we are committed to giving back to the cities in which we live and work, drawing on the time and talents of our employees. We believe that more inclusive access to data and technology can deliver powerful results for society, which is why we're proud to support National Numeracy to help communities build confidence in numbers and unlock opportunity.

Capital One UK logo

Capital One UK

Capital One UK is really proud to be supporting the 2022 National Numeracy Day. We recognise how confidence with numbers can have a life-changing impact on skills for everyday life, your employment prospects and earning potential, and how well people succeed with their finances.
Dave Richards, Head of Corporate Responsibility

City & Guilds logo

City & Guilds

Literacy and numeracy are vital skills we all need to develop and keep using throughout life which is why City & Guilds is proud to be partnering with National Numeracy Day and taking part in the Big Numeracy Natter to promote the importance of building confidence with using numbers.

Experian logo


Experian is committed to helping people manage their finances successfully, including through our innovative products and services and our wide-ranging public education work. We know that promoting the essentials of numeracy can play an important part, evidenced by a pilot study between Experian and National Numeracy that suggested a link between numeracy and creditworthiness. We look forward to joining forces with a number of like-minded organisations to help deliver another impactful National Numeracy Day campaign.

Health Education England logo

Health Education England

Health Education England (HEE) exists for one reason only: to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of the NHS and social care in England. HEE does this by ensuring that the workforce has the right skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place. HEE is delighted to be a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day for the fifth year running.

HSBC UK logo


At HSBC UK we want to help people make the most of their money, now and into the future. Confidence with numbers can affect our everyday lives, and so we’re really proud to support National Numeracy Day – helping open up a world of opportunity for our customers, colleagues and the wider communities we serve.

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal logo

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal

At The Lord Mayor’s Appeal we are committed to creating ‘A Better City for All’, one that is inclusive, healthy, skilled and fair. Our charity partnership with National Numeracy recognises the importance of improving numeracy skills and will help people within the City of London to thrive. We are therefore proud to support National Numeracy Day.

Provident Financial Group logo

Provident Financial Group

PFG is a Financial Services company offering credit cards, loans and car finance. We understand that numeracy is an important skill in everyday life which can help people access more opportunities and aid social mobility. We’re proud to continue to support National Numeracy to help people build confidence with numbers.

S&P Global logo

S&P Global

We are proud to support National Numeracy Day. As a data provider, numeracy is essential to what we do and we recognise the importance of promoting it across the UK population as a key skill for successful financial planning, employability and career development.

TP ICAP logo


This year marks our fifth year supporting what is a crucial cause, not just within our industry but across all of society. Numeracy is a key driver of social mobility and opportunity, and increasing awareness and skills is essential if we are to help affect positive change for all.
Philip Price, Group General Counsel, TP ICAP

Ufi VocTech Trust logo

Ufi VocTech Trust

Ufi believe passionately in the power of technology to help adults gain and maintain the skills they need for work. As ongoing supporters of National Numeracy we are proud to once again be a Lead Supporter of National Numeracy Day, helping improve number confidence and skills for the benefit of individuals, employers and society as a whole.

2022 Lead Delivery Partners

British Chambers of Commerce logo

British Chambers of Commerce

“Feeling comfortable in using numbers and maths is important for pretty much any job you can think of. Once you have these skills in place, you can access a wide range of opportunities in the world of work.”
Jane Gratton, Head of People Policy at the BCC

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority logo

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority

"Levels of numeracy have a big impact on people’s lives, from their income to their health and wellbeing. We need to make improving numeracy easier, more inspiring and accessible to people of all ages. I’m delighted to support National Numeracy Day."
Dr Nik Johnson, Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Department for Work & Pensions logo

Department for Work & Pensions

“I’m thrilled to be supporting National Numeracy Day as the campaign celebrates its fifth year, empowering people to take steps to improve their skills and boost their confidence. Good or improved numeracy skills are essential for daily life, in perhaps helping to more easily manage household finances, deciding pension contributions or planning savings. Our brilliant Work Coaches in JCPs in communities across the nation are making sure jobseekers have the support they need, boosting both access and take up of numeracy courses – so everyone can reach their full potential."
Mims Davies MP, Minister for Employment

Education Scotland logo

Education Scotland

Education Scotland is a Scottish Government executive agency charged with supporting quality and improvement in Scottish education, delivering better learning experiences and outcomes for Scottish learners of all ages. Education Scotland have supported National Numeracy Day since it started in 2018. This year our partnership will seek to engage even more learners in improving numeracy skills and we are excited to see the positive impact this will make.

Lincolnshire Co-op

Lincolnshire Co-op

Lincolnshire Co-op is focused on bringing together ideas, energy and resources to make life better in our communities. We are delighted to have formed a partnership with National Numeracy and our aim is to build numeracy confidence, whilst raising awareness of the value of maths as an essential skill in work and everyday life.
We are proud to be a Lead Delivery Partner of National Numeracy Day, let’s get number confident!

Education Scotland logo

Maths Circle

Maths Circle create award-winning maths learning platforms (Times Tables Rock Stars and NumBots) for schools, tutors and families, which help children acquire fundamental numeracy skills. Our mission is to make maths fun whilst improving maths outcomes, which is why we are delighted to support the great work of National Numeracy.

Numberblocks logo


Who better to help little learners understand numbers than numbers themselves? In Numberblocks, numbers come to life in fun characters, big adventures and number fun singalongs to help children develop a lifelong love of maths. We're delighted to be a Lead Delivery Partner for National Numeracy Day and help widen our support for children in the early stages of their maths learning journey.

St James's Place logo

St James's Place

St. James’s Place (SJP) recognises that numeracy skills play an important role in financial wellbeing; struggling with numbers makes managing money challenging, increasing susceptibility to debt and fraud. SJP is committed to enabling financial resilience and confidence in our communities and we are proud to be supporting National Numeracy Day.

Tagtiv8 logo


Tagtiv8 takes learning beyond the classroom walls. We are excited to be working across our networks this National Numeracy Day using Physically Active Learning (PAL) to decrease sedentary time and increase engagement. Most importantly, we aim to transform attitudes to Maths: “I used to think I was rubbish at maths – but now I know I’m not.

West Ham United Foundation logo

West Ham United Foundation

West Ham United Foundation use power of sport and football in particular to help capture the imagination of young people and to bring the school curriculum to life. We are delighted to be supporting National Numeracy Day to help make numeracy more accessible for all by tackling and challenging the misconceptions that people may have about numeracy.

White Rose Maths logo

White Rose Education Limited

White Rose Maths is delighted to once again be supporting National Numeracy Day. As an organisation dedicated to developing and improving maths education, we recognise the importance of number confidence both in the classroom and beyond, for both children and adults. We’re proud to support the fantastic work that National Numeracy undertakes every year to help promote and inspire number positivity.

Become a National Numeracy Day Champion Organisation

Sign up to be a National Numeracy Day Champion and help your school, organisation or community get number confident! In the build up to 18 May 2022 you will receive free, fun materials and resources to use and share and join over 2,810 others Champions helping the nation get on with numbers.

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