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New resources to help you feel good about maths

26 Jan 2022

Boosting your numeracy skills is all about confidence - that’s why we've developed a new suite of videos, quizzes and resources, to help you improve your relationship with numbers.

Many people feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed when working with numbers, for many understandable reasons. Often, people have had bad experiences in school which put them off maths learning as an adult.

Graphic of one of the new videos on a laptop - showing National Numeracy Hero Oreleo saying "What's the feeling? Could you describe the feeling? Ecstatic!"

These kinds of feelings impact millions of us, and many don’t realise that these feelings are so common. But anxiety and fear around maths can be overcome, and feeling this way is not the same as simply being bad at maths.

We know that its not always easy to start learning and keep going if maths makes you feel anxious, but it is possible, and we can help.

Our new Feeling Good About Maths zone on the National Numeracy Challenge is designed to help you think about the way you feel about maths, and learn tips for how you can make maths feel better. In the zone you’ll find videos from people who are on the same journey as you with their maths learning, quizzes to help you pick up tips for getting on better with numbers, and other resources all designed to help boost your confidence.

A big thanks to Ufi VocTech Trust for making all this work possible. 

The tools you need

There are also zones for Money, Work and Helping Children. You select which of these is of most interest to you in the Challenge and then you get access. Each one has dedicated videos, quizzes and interactive resources to help make numbers work for you whatever you need them for.

These new tools have been based on our years of experience talking to and supporting adults who have low confidence with numbers, and experience negative feelings when working with numbers – many of whom experience maths anxiety.

Thinking about our feelings about maths is not something we often have the chance to do, or feel inclined to do, but it really helps to see maths differently and overcome any fears you might be having. It can make people feel more able to get to grips with the maths learning and boost their skills.

Why not have a go at one of our quizzes as a taster of what you can find?

Could rethinking the way you see maths be the first step on your journey to improving your confidence with numbers?

Why not try a few?

Feeling anxious about maths? - Quiz

Think you're not a maths person? - Video

Myths about maths - Quiz

We'll be posting more about the resources for Money, Work and Supporting Children over the next few weeks on social media. Follow us to stay in the loop or sign up now to get access to all the resources in the Challenge. 

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