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Number Confidence Week 2022

24 Oct 2022

Nervous about numbers?

Number Confidence Week is back to help you manage money, handle homework and achieve your ambitions. The confidence-focused campaign, which runs from 7 to 11 November, is more relevant than ever this year as we all cope with the challenges of the rising cost of living.

Graphic of people talking, with text saying "Number Confidence Week, 7-11 November"

Feeling that we “don’t get” numbers or that we’re no good at maths can mean we avoid them. But that only makes matters worse – especially where money is concerned. Knowing about numbers helps us make sense of bills, budgets, baking and big decisions. 

Nearly half of all adults in the UK struggle with everyday maths which can mean it's hard to get to grips with news about the economy, difficult to get jobs or qualifications, and to support children with their learning. Low confidence with numbers can also affect well-being and have a knock-on effect on how our children feel about maths. By contrast, feeling good about using numbers can help us feel better prepared to navigate changing and challenging times. 

Number Confidence Week exists to help everyone take their first steps towards numbers instead of running away from them. Doing so is only possible in a safe, supportive space. So... this November, we have created that space on the Number Confidence Week hub by providing FREE online resources for all ages. From videos and downloadable tip sheets for adults to activities for children aged four to 16, there's something for everyone!

With support from founding partner TP ICAP, as well as Experian, Capital One, the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and ambassadors like Rachel Riley, Bobby Seagull, Peter Sawkins, Harry Baker and Timi Merriman-Johnson, Number Confidence Week aims to empower you to get on with numbers so you can fulfill your potential at work, home and school.  

Sam Sims, Chief Executive of National Numeracy said: “Feeling confident about numbers is a game-changer and breaking down the self-perpetuating, inter-generational cycle of negative attitudes towards maths is crucial. At National Numeracy, we are increasingly focused on supporting those with the lowest numeracy in areas of greatest need, where numeracy is an integral piece of the puzzle for social mobility. Our research shows that getting on with numbers can open up opportunities, drive productivity and prosperity, and it is within everyone’s grasp."

Highlights of the Week include: 

  • Not just one but TWO giveaways for a Peter Sawkins’ baking bundle or a Rachel Riley maths book and resources - check out our Instagram account for details!
  • Rachel Riley wants to see your ‘maths face’! Follow our social media channels to find out how to join in.
  • Download top tips on managing your money from experts including our ambassadors Iona Bain and Mr MoneyJar
  • Get inspired by our Confidence Conversations videos about people who gained confidence with numbers. You can too!
  • Mr MoneyJar tries out the National Numeracy Challenge...see how he gets on
  • Listen to the Maths Appeal podcast presented by Bobby Seagull and Susan Okereke with a range of guests discussing everyday maths issues.
  • Fellow bakers Peter Sawkins and David Atherton talk about how making maths part of activities you enjoy - like cooking - can make it fun!
  • Plus, messages from our favourite poet Harry Baker, and lots more across the week! 

The communities, individuals and workplaces that National Numeracy has supported over the past 10 years have shown that it IS possible to change your mindset about maths with the help of these resources. We can help turn that “I can’t,” into an “I can!"  

Head to the campaign hub now to access those resources

Follow National Numeracy on social media, and use #NumberConfidenceWeek:

Twitter: @Nat_Numeracy

Facebook: @nationalnumeracy

Instagram: @national_numeracy

LinkedIn: National Numeracy

Thank you to National Numeracy's partners supporting Number Confidence Week 2022:

Founding Partner

“At TP ICAP, we know that numeracy is crucial in today’s world – recent events make this more critical than ever. Confidence with numbers is clearly important for our industry but it is also crucial in enabling individuals to make better choices for their finances and careers. Low confidence with numbers remains a significant barrier for many, and while such anxiety presents practical issues for individuals on a daily basis, it also holds talented individuals back from considering a career in financial services. The overarching issue is for us all to be comfortable using numbers at home and at work – which is why we became a founding partner of Number Confidence Week. Encouraging people to take steps to improve their financial literacy will ensure that people from all backgrounds feel empowered and confident to pursue employment opportunities in our sector, in turn enabling us to hire a more diverse range of talent, which is critical to our future success.” 

Philip Price, Executive Director, TP ICAP Group plc

TP ICAP logo

Lead Supporters

Capital One UK is really proud to be supporting the 2022 Number Confidence Week as part of our wider partnership with National Numeracy. During these times of uncertainty, we recognise the difference having confidence with numbers has when it comes to finances and money management, as well as the impact it can have on skills for everyday life.” 

Dave Richards, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Capital One UK

Capital One logo

In these challenging times it is more important than ever for people to take action to increase their number skills, especially given the connection between numeracy and financial health. A barrier for many is their lack of confidence around numbers; and so we are proud to be working with National Numeracy, its supporters and ambassadors to help deliver another highly impactful Number Confidence Week.” 

Mark Lindsay, Sales Director-Marketing Services, Experian

Experian logo

"At The Lord Mayor’s Appeal we are committed to creating ‘A Better City for All’ - one that is inclusive, healthy, skilled and fair. Our charity partnership with National Numeracy recognises the importance of improving numeracy skills and will help people within the City of London to thrive. We are therefore proud to support Number Confidence Week."

The Lord Mayor's Appeal logo