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Numeracy Champions Hub

Welcome to your resource hub

Use the resources on this page to help your colleagues and learners build their confidence with numbers. 


Video resources

Use these videos showing attitudes to numeracy, the importance of 'value, belief and persistence' in numeracy, and how the National Numeracy Challenge works to engage your learners.


Dyscalculia is an unexpected and persistent learning difficulty that makes it hard to understand, learn, or use maths. Often described as “dyslexia with numbers” – it is much less well-known than dyslexia.

Find out more about dyscalculia

The National Numeracy Challenge

The National Numeracy Challenge is an online tool that builds numeracy skills and confidence, with 300+ everyday maths questions and tutorials, multimedia resources, technology that adapts to individual learning levels and signposting to further support.

The Challenge is the perfect way to boost the number confidence of anyone over the age of 13, all year round.

Use the resources below to help your colleagues and learners build their number confidence with the National Numeracy Challenge.

Image to promote the National Numeracy Challenge

Supporting children

National Numeracy has also put together a number of resources for supporting children with their own numbers skills and confidence, including our Family Maths Toolkit.

Visit our Supporting Children page

Find out more about the Family Maths Toolkit

Download Family Maths Toolkit messaging information and templates PDF

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Closing the digital divide

Take a look at the charities below, which support digital access and skills:


Good Things Foundation


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