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Challenge Tracker

National Numeracy’s “Challenge Tracker reporting” supported through Power-Bi provides organisations with in-depth data on their learners’ progress through the National Numeracy Challenge, our online learning resource.

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About the Challenge Tracker

The data shows numeracy levels of learners, where their strengths and weaknesses lie and their confidence with maths. A unique partner access code to the Challenge ensures that learners from an organisation are identified and allocated to the correct data reporting portal.

The portal can be accessed online and is refreshed daily to provide “Administrators” with the most up to date information on learners’ engagement with the Challenge.

The Challenge Tracker provides data on interaction with the Challenge, log on information, confidence and numeracy levels, access to learning resources and progression towards The Essentials of Numeracy. This visual data reporting dashboard is interactive to allow easy navigation for the “Administrator” to get the information they need to best support the learners in their journey.

The data reports are tailored to each organisation own requirements and learners can be categorised across different areas of the organisation or through different cohorts.

Each learner is part of a reporting hierarchy (organisation-> programme -> cohort) with an “Administrator” attached to the relevant part of this hierarchy and able to see all the data underneath their starting point. NN ensure that sharing of individual data is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Learners’ details can also be anonymised where applicable, to give them confidence that their results will not be shared with their organisation.

Take a closer look…

You will receive bespoke data reporting for your organisation, based on the level of information you need.

Take a look at our sample dashboard graphs (click to expand)

Get in touch

For a demonstration of the Challenge Tracker and pricing information please contact our Relationships Manager - Sally Hilton 

email: [email protected]

phone: 01273 915044

Find the terms and conditions here.