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Star Dash Studios

Star Dash Studios mobile game up for TIGA award

Essentials of Numeracy man

8 institutions to pick up The Challenge for Q-Step scheme after successful pilot

Exercising mental agility
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When Tony found our online tool he realised he needed to work his mind muscles

Flora Davis, GCSE maths, maths anxiety

Maths: "..a code to save the world, not a confusing sum"

people celebrating 1 million questions numeracy

1 million reasons to celebrate

Rachel used the Challenge to overcome struggles with maths
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Civil Service Manager uses the Challenge to overcome maths "Achilles heel"

Numeracy research from Ohio

‘Snowball effect from improving numeracy’ says new research from Ohio State University

broken clock watch productivity cogs mechanism

New report signals concerns for productivity in the post-Brexit era

healthcare asssistant monitoring patient numeracy
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National Numeracy brought a big numeracy campaign to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals in partnership with Unison

Sir Adrian Smith

National Numeracy welcomes Sir Adrian Smith's Review of Post-16 Mathematics