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Celebrating Number Confidence in Women

7 Mar 2022

We're celebrating International Women's Day and helping to #BreakTheBias, by sharing stories from women who have built their confidence with numbers, and gone on to achieve their goals, despite earlier set-backs.


Everyone can improve their numeracy,  regardless of gender, but stereotypes suggesting women aren't naturally 'as good with numbers' still pervade.

Because low number confidence acts as a barrier to applying the skills that people have developed, this ‘number confidence gap’ affects many women’s lives . Our report The Confidence Gap: Women and Number Confidence showed that young women especially can have lower confidence when it comes to numeracy.

And there is still a bias towards men in terms of attainment when it comes to numeracy. This gap is bigger than with literacy in almost every country surveyed, with evidence suggesting stereotype and cultural bias are to blame. Where women have the opportunity, and are encouraged to believe they can improve, they can - and do - overcome this bias. 

Here are just a few stories from inspirational women who have found their own path and achieved their goals after building their confidence with numbers.   

From fear and nerves to becoming a Numeracy Champion: Kelly’s story

We spoke to Kelly about overcoming demotivation and disengagement, the benefits of facing learning as an adult on an apprenticeship, and why she now loves supporting others on their own journeys to number confidence.

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Tamsin's story

We caught up with Tamsin to see how building her confidence with numbers has helped her work in a nursery, as a Lead Apprentice, and helped in her everyday life.


The importance of having the right teaching: How Efua became an economics student

Efua wasn’t always the most comfortable or confident with numbers. Here she tells us about the importance of trying different ways of learning.


From avoiding maths to teaching maths: Shannon's story

When we first spoke to Shannon back in 2019 she was on the way to her dream career of teaching. But first she had to complete her PGCE, where the National Numeracy Challenge was being used to support the students with their maths learning.