Government response to the inquiry into adult English and maths skills

The government has responded to the inquiry into adult English and maths skills carried out by the parliamentary Select Committee on Business, Innnovation and Skills.

In its report, the committee made several recommendations and in particular called on the goverment to back a high-profile national campaign to promote English and maths for adults.

The Skills Minister Nick Boles has said that the government cannot accept all the committee’s recommendations but agrees with the main thrust of the report and points to a number of measures already announced. There appear to be no plans currently for a high-profile campaign.

"The Government recognises that it is important that people understand the benefits arising from improving literacy and numeracy and that individuals, employers and parents know how to seek out training.

"In the past, national campaigns have concentrated largely on raising awareness. We do not consider that these, on their own, were of sufficient value to warrant what would be a very significant Government investment. However, we do have evidence that locally focussed and delivered activity, capitalising on local knowledge and peer-to-peer communications can be very effective in bringing people into training. We will consider how we can provide support at a national level to local action such as this.

"At this time any commitment of Government funding in communications and marketing activity over £100,000 would still be subject to agreement by the Cabinet Office." 


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