Have a Go and 'Get your brain into gear' at The Skills Show

We hosted a 'Have a Go' stand at The Skills Show and challenged visitors to improve their numeracy through a range of cycling and Olympic themed activities. The idea was to help visitors see how the important skills of numeracy and mathematics can be applied in many different situations.

We also wanted visitors to realise that numeracy is not something that you can or cannot do. It is challenging and you need to persist to make progress. Just as athletes have to train every day to compete with the best, with hard work you can meet the challenges that are part of learning maths for everyone.

The show was a great success with 4,000 plus visitors coming to the pavilion to ‘Have a Go’ and here are a few of the activities:

One of the most popular activities! We used the Wattbikes to test the hypothesis of whether people with a lower resting pulse rate are more powerful? Over 450 people ‘Had a Go’ on the bikes aged from 10 years and under up to 41 and over – with a few teacher/student and parent/child competitions. As you can see in the graph below there was little correlation between visitors’ average power and their initial resting heart rate – not what we expected.

Probably the most addictive activity on the stand, visitors worked on tablets to solve this puzzle. For those of you who want to try it... or for those of you who got addicted at the show you can play the puzzle here.

We had bikes similar to Bradley Wiggins’ on display and we challenged visitors to estimate the number of revolutions made by his front wheel during the Tour de France. For the 3,496.9 km race visitors estimated this to be around 1.6 million revolutions!

Working with the bikes on display from Bicicielo in Birmingham we investigated the gears and teeth on the bike to answer questions like; for each revolution of the pedal, how many times does Mark Cavendish’s rear wheel turn when he sprints?

See photos from the show on WorldSkills’ Flickr.

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