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National Numeracy goes out to talk money and maths with local residents

13 Nov 2018

This week, from the 12th to 16th November, is Talk Money Week. It is an annual event to encourage more people to talk about money and financial capability – the ability to manage one’s money well.

Recent research, funded by the What Works fund, has shown a strong link between numeracy and financial capability. To discuss this connection for Talk Money Week, we went out in our hometown Lewes and neighbouring Brighton asking local traders and residents how they feel about maths and money. From the auction house to the fishmongers’, everyone had something to say.

National Numeracy

The average annual cost to an individual with poor numeracy is £460, according to research by Pro Bono Economics. We asked people what they could and would do with this money, and if they would be motivated to improve their numeracy if it meant an extra £460 a year for them.

Hear what they had to say.