National Numeracy Parent Toolkit now live

"If parents engage with their children's education, the attainment of the child will increase by 15% no matter what the social background of the family." - Professer Charles Deforges


This week sees National Numeracy reaching a key milestone in our Paul Hamlyn Foundation funded Parental Engagement Project – the publication of our National Numeracy Parent Toolkit

Parental engagement has such a positive impact on children that, on top of improved attainment, it can also improve behaviour and attendance. Additionally, parents and carers give children their first experiences of maths, so it’s important that this is positive.

National Numeracy has created the Parent Toolkit as a one-stop-shop for parental engagement in maths. It provides information, ideas and advice for parents (of children aged up to 13), to improve confidence and attitudes towards maths by bringing out the maths in everyday life. We’ve included our own suggestions as well as some of the other excellent resources already available online.

Additionally, the Parent Toolkit provides information, ideas and advice for schools who wish to raise levels of parental engagement.

We’re piloting the site this term with 10 schools across the country. But we want to hear your views too – let us know any feedback by filling in our Parent Toolkit survey.