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National Numeracy wins gold with KPMG at the Corporate Engagement Awards

10 Nov 2021

National Numeracy is thrilled to have won a gold award for Best Educational Programme at the Corporate Engagement Awards alongside The Economist Educational Foundation, as part of KPMG’s social mobility strategy. 

The win was announced at the glittering Corporate Engagement Awards in London, a ceremony that annually recognises the most successful and innovative corporate partnerships and sponsorships, and the communication strategies around those collaborations.  

CEA award winner logo

KPMG with National Numeracy and The Economist Educational Foundation came away with the gold award in recognition of the work done within KPMG’s social mobility strategy. This brings together its collaborations with National Numeracy and The Economist Educational Foundation to address poor numeracy, with 49% of the UK’s working-age population having the expected numeracy levels of a primary school child. 

KPMG has been the founding supporter of National Numeracy Day since 2018 and the campaign to empower the nation to improve its numeracy has gone from strength to strength.  

National Numeracy Day 2021 saw a three-fold increase in the number of actions to improve numeracy since the inaugural campaign in 2018 with 86,783 actions to improve number confidence and skills during this year’s event and 190,000 actions over the four years the campaign has been running. 

This year, adults and children across the nation people joined in at home, in schools and in workplaces with livestreamed events, celebrity videos and free resources from our online hubs. The campaign combined press and social media campaign, research and thought leadership, school activities and collaboration with other businesses to raise awareness of the numeracy issue.  

In 2020, National Numeracy reacted quickly to transform the campaign in response to the Covid pandemic, launching a virtual festival with extensive home-learning resources within the space of six weeks. 

Sam Sims, chief executive of National Numeracy said: “We are very proud to be part of KPMG’s award-winning numeracy programme. National Numeracy Day is our flagship campaign that empowers many thousands of people to improve their number confidence and skills, which, in turn, opens up better opportunities and brighter futures. 
“Our congratulations to The Economist Educational Foundation and to KPMG, whose steadfast support for the past four years of National Numeracy Day has had transformational impact for individuals and has helped push the issue of poor numeracy up the national agenda. We look forward to an action-packed National Numeracy Day on 18 May 2022!”