The numbers behind FA Cup final fever

In preparation for Saturday’s FA Cup final, the BBC has launched new interactive guide to everything you need to know about the maths behind the match. A new BBC iWonder guide What’s the maths behind a fantastic cup final? gives the numbers behind everything from getting the pitch ready to keeping the 90,000 fans in the crowd safe. As part of the ‘Maths of the day’ campaign, Countdown star and National Numeracy supporter Rachel Riley features in a new BBC Sport video, on the numbers behind the journey that the winning team will take to collect the cup, culminating in the walk up the 107 steps to celebrate victory. 

The maths behind the FA cup marks the finale in the Maths of the Day series that National Numeracy has worked on with the BBC, which also featured Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson in A Question of Sport showdown on 5 Live. The campaign has prompted thousands of people to log on to the National Numeracy Challenge and brush up on their everyday maths skills.  

Mike Ellicock,CEO of National Numeracy has welcomed the BBC’s approach, saying “It’s great to see the everyday maths behind a national sporting event like the FA Cup, watched by millions of people, being highlighted by the BBC. Since we launched the National Numeracy Challenge last year, the BBC has got behind our vision to show that numeracy supports a surprising range of areas in everyone’s lives. We have enjoyed working with them – they have injected a fresh take on why maths is important”

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free website which over 50,000 adults are already using to improve their numeracy. 


Visit the BBC iWonder Guide