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Our corporate volunteers share their experiences

22 Jan 2024

In 2023 we celebrated the first full year of National Numeracy’s corporate volunteering programme.

Volunteers from our partner organisations Capital One, Experian, Vanquis Banking Group and TP ICAP reached nearly 12,000 children, inspiring them to see the value of maths and numbers in the real world.

In a new video, four of our volunteers share their experiences, the reasons they decided to be part of the programme and why they’d recommend it to other volunteers and organisations.

Photo of Sarika Jaiswal leading an assembly with a quote saying "The sense of fulfilment, achievement... It's incredible."

Watch the video below:

With thanks to:

  • Brogan Roache – Solicitor, Capital One
  • Richard Padley – Service Operations Manager, Experian
  • Sarika Jaiswal – Project Manager, TP ICAP
  • Xiaopei Lockwood – Group Senior Lawyer, Vanquis Banking Group

If you are a primary school based in Nottingham or London and would like to take part in our Numeracy Corporate Volunteering Programme, please complete the form to request an activity, or email [email protected]. See here for more information.

Activity request form

If you are a business or organisation wanting to know more about the Numeracy Corporate Volunteering Programme and working in partnership, please email [email protected]. See here for more information.

If you are a colleague in one of the partner organisations involved in the Numeracy Corporate Volunteering Programme, and would like to volunteer, please contact your CSR Lead or email [email protected].