Transforming Scotland in to a positive maths nation

girl in maths class

National Numeracy welcomes the report published today calling for action to change cultural attitudes to maths. Transforming Scotland in to a positive maths nation calls for action to improve confidence and fluency in maths, a National Maths Week, and more to show the value of maths to careers in Scotland.   

The report includes a case study about National Numeracy’s work with employers, which followed CEO Mike Ellicock’s contribution to the steering group. Mike has welcomed the report and commented to say: “I was very pleased to meet with such an enthusiastic panel and am encouraged by the wide ranging recommendations. Unusually but correctly the report identifies the need to work with employers to identify and improve poor numeracy in the workplace. This is a major step forward and I hope these recommendations are adopted in full by the Scottish Government; we hope that the Department for Education in England will look closely too and see what conclusions can be drawn for south of the border.”


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