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Engagement Pack

Everything you need to help your organisation or community feel number confident!

Feeling confident with numbers makes it easier to build number skills. And building number skills helps us make good decisions in life, at home and at work.

That's why Number Confidence Week is all about taking that first step...building confidence. It can be life-changing!

We've got everything you need to help your colleagues, audiences and communities feel better about numbers. Slide deck, posters, resources... it's all free!  

Get stuck in and start supercharging number confidence in your networks today!

How to use this pack

The Engagement Pack resources on this page can be used to create confidence-boosting sessions with colleagues,  community groups, students, residents, service users…any of your networks!

Online or in person, for a few minutes or a whole day...however you'd like to get involved, we've got you covered with conversation starters, a slide deck, habit trackers, top tips, posters, prompts and more.

First things first: take a look at the Engagement Pack Guide to help you plan and prepare your session.

Download the Guide

a poster about number confidence that reads ' a free and friendly was to feel good about numbers'

Grab your free Engagement Pack resources

Time to Talk Numbers slide deck

The Slide Deck will help you facilitate conversations about number confidence and why it matters.
Slide deck cover

Get editable posters

Posters you can personalise to your organisation to tell people about your planned sessions or events.
editable posters

5-day habit tracker

Use our handy tips and prompts to help boost your confidence this Number Confidence Week.
5-day tracker thumbnail

30-day habit tracker

Use this tracker to build your confidence with numbers throughout November.
30-day thumbnail

Put It in the Piggy!

This isn’t about saving your pennies in a pig shaped pot! It’s about understanding what’s holding you back when it comes to getting a grip on your finances.
Put It in the Piggy! thumbnail

Chuck It in the Bucket!

This Number Confidence Week, we’re encouraging you to ‘chuck it in the bucket’. This tool can help you understand what you can do to feel more confident and in control when it comes to numbers.
Chuck It in the Bucket! thumbnail

Tips for overcoming maths anxiety

Use these tried and tested tips to challenge fear when it comes to maths.

Myth busting statement cards

Use these cards as part of an activity or event to confront some commonly believed maths myths.
myth busting card

Dr Linda's confidence tips

Dr Linda Papadopoulos shares her tips for feeling more confident with numbers.
Thumbnail for Dr Linda's resource

Top tips to help children love maths

Parents and carers don’t need to be experts to be able to support their children. Make a difference by following these top tips.
Help children love maths thumbnail

5 ways confidence can help your money go further

Use this handy tip sheet to feel more in control of your finances.
Confidence with numbers for money thumbnail

My MoneyJar's tips for money management

Timi Merriman-Johnson shares his top tips to help you manage your money.
Timi's tips thumbnail

Campaign posters

Use this poster to spread the word about Number Confidence Week.
Poster thumbnail

Dyscalculia poster

Use this poster to share information about dyscalculia, and support for those affected by it.
Dyscalculia poster thumbnail

Getting confident with maths at work

Feeling anxious about numbers can make it harder to progress in our careers. Here are some things that you can do to make working with numbers feel less daunting.
Getting confident with maths at work thumbnail

Try the National Numeracy Challenge

Our free online learning tool is packed full of confidence-boosting videos and resources. So your people can boost their confidence as they build their skills. Have a go and share the link!
a promotional picture for the numeracy improvement tool, the National Numeracy Challenge, featuring a woman smiling and holding up a mobile phone

Number Confidence and Social Mobility Webinar

Our wonderful ambassador Bobby Seagull joined joined National Numeracy's CEO Sam Sims, Head of Impact Paul Foss and one of our Numeracy Champions Anne Okafor. They discussed how number confidence can impact all areas of our lives.

You can find out more about this research here: 

See our research and impact 

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