Numeracy across the curriculum

We have been contacted by a number of schools who are looking to implement numeracy across the curriculum. To give you some ideas for what you could do in your school we have drawn together a number of resources that we hope you find useful.

Let us know if you have something to add.

Essentials of Numeracy for All

This model maps out the component parts of numeracy - and how they relate to each other.

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Star Dash Studios

A free smartphone game for young adults, helping them to see everyday maths in vocational settings.

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Leading & Managing Numeracy Across the Curriculum

A practical step-by-step guide, produced and sold by SSAT, drawing on strategies and initiatives that have proved successful in schools.

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Mr Collins Mathematics blog

Blog of a Teacher of Mathematics working at a Secondary School in Surrey.

Raising awareness and use of numeracy across the curriculum

Numeracy across the curriculum (ITT/NQT)

Miss B’s Resources - Numeracy4all

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Matt Pullen, PE teacher

Numeracy outside of maths

Suffolk Maths – Mark Greenway, AST

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Numeracy across the curriculum Wales

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Better Maths - #mathschat

Discussion on 'Which topics could we work together on with other subjects & how?'

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