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Help my team

Investing in numeracy can increase staff confidence, retention and internal progression.

We can help you to have impactful, lasting change in behaviour, attitudes and the bottom line of your business.

There are two main support packages we can offer:

Digital support

Help your employees build confidence at their own pace

Our digital package can be implemented rapidly, easily and reach all staff.

What’s involved?

A flexible, low cost way to help everyone in your workplace to check their numeracy levels. Ideal to help people build their confidence and everyday maths skills. Sign up as a digital partner and we will provide you with a link to use with your team, access to an attitudes quiz and confidence building resources, you will also receive regular reports on progress.

Staff can log-in and check whether they have the Essentials of Numeracy, and use the learning resources to improve if they need to. They can do this in their own time, at their own pace, and save their progress and log back in whenever they want to. All you need to provide is access to the internet and a phone, tablet or computer!

We will provide you with regular progress reports on how staff are doing (these can be confidential or personalised), so that you can see where more help is needed and provide extra support.

Your staff will all be able to access our Attitudes Quiz and Building Confidence e-learning resources to help them understand their own beliefs towards maths and develop a mindset to help them to improve. Take the fear out of maths!

Our communications package of email campaigns, banners and images will help you to spread the word and get everyone involved. Our partnerships team will offer ongoing help to keep up an encouraging, supportive learning environment.

Price: £2,000 - £8,000+VAT per annum depending upon the size of your organisation.

A bespoke campaign

Help everyone on your team to see good numeracy as something within their grasp.

Let us provide comprehensive support to help you change attitudes, and improve numeracy levels accross your workplace.

What’s involved?

Use a mixture of face to face and online tools to turn around the attitudes and approach to numeracy in your workplace. Gain in-depth insights and strategies for support and development.

Benchmark. We often start the process with a Numeracy Review to help you understand existing levels within your business, and find out how improved numeracy could support productivity, staff progression and confidence.

Change attitudes. Once you have unpicked the barriers in terms of maths ability and mindset, you can get the right support in place for your team. We will advise you on how to put support in place which is tailored for your organisation.

Help to improve. This can be done quickly and easily using our resources. Four out of five people who re-check to see whether they have the Essentials of Numeracy improve their numeracy level.

There are a number of ways a bespoke campaign can be implemented to suit you:

Training for Trainersa course to equip staff to understand how to support your team develop the right mindset to improve

Recruitment and induction – find out whether your new starters have got the numeracy skills they need,and help them get there using our resources

Learning and development - embed a numeracy module into your existing staff training

These will combine tailored elements of the digital package (see above), in a combination of face to face and digital support

All of the support tools in the digital package can be included in a bespoke package.

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