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Schools! Sign up to win big for National Numeracy Day 

The Number Heroes Competition is now open to schools who sign up, and there are six prizes each worth over £1,000 to be won. 

Signing up also means you'll be the first to receive your toolkit packed with activities and useful info.

National numeracy day 22 May

Get on with numbers so you can get on in life

National Numeracy is an independent charity with a vision for everyone in the UK to get on with numbers so they can get on in life.​

​Our mission is to empower children and adults in the UK to feel confident with everyday maths so they can fulfil their potential​ at work, home and school.

Our work improves how people understand and work with numbers in everyday life, ​sparking better opportunities and brighter futures.​

Poor numeracy is widespread and everyone is welcome to access our support. You'll find lots of free, helpful resources and advice about maths and numeracy  on this website.

We especially focus on helping people with low confidence or competence with numbers in disadvantaged communities, where the need is greatest. 

A great place to start improving number confidence and skill is with the free National Numeracy Challenge. Watch this short video to see how it can help you!

Our stories

However you feel about maths and numbers, you're not alone. Our stories from adults who overcome life held anxieties about numeracy are an inspiration to us. 

The range of ages and backgrounds that these stories come from shows how widespread this issue is. Read some of these stories to motivate and inspire you. 

Read case studies