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Join the Big Number Natter

Celebrities, content creators and influencers! We need you! Whether you love it or loathe it, everyone has something to say about maths...and we'd love your help in getting the nation nattering about numbers.

Dealing with numbers in everyday life is vital, particularly in the cost-of-living crisis. But millions of people in the UK are struggling with a lack of confidence about numbers and maths. Can you help them? 

Does your work use numbers? Have you got a story to share? A top tip? Or can you simply amplify our posts? Take a look at the short guide below...we'd love your support.

Get resources and activities

Bobby Seagull, Jessica Gagen and Katya Jones having a Big Number Natter

Your quick guide to getting involved

It's quick and easy to support the Big Number Natter. Take a look at this short guide, which outlines the activity and offers some ideas for posting your own content or amplifying ours. 

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Grab your Big Number Natter social assets

The Big Number Natter is the only nationwide conversation about numbers. It's an opportunity to have a chat about numbers and change lives for the better.

Help get everyone nattering by sharing the Big Number Natter with your followers, using these graphics below and example text.

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Text template:

This #NationalNumeracyDay I'm joining the #BigNumberNatter to get the nation talking about numbers. Love it or loathe it, we've all got something to say about maths. How do you feel about numbers? Comment below or find out more at

Inspire others to take the National Numeracy Challenge

Download these graphics and use the example text in your guide to get adults using the National Numeracy Challenge. Taking the Challenge is one of the BEST things you can do to improve your everyday maths and build confidence with numbers. Graphics are tailored for each of your social media channels. 

Challenge graphic

Text template:

Give your number confidence a boost this May with the National Numeracy Challenge. It’s a free online tool that helps you build confidence and skills with numbers, anytime, anywhere. This #NationalNumeracyDay, get started in just 10 minutes at

Be sure to tag us in any social media activity and use #NationalNumeracyDay and #BigNumberNatter so we can see and share what you're up to! You can find us on:

Join the Big Number Natter

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