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Get set for work and study by checking your everyday maths skills this 'Checktember'

16 Aug 2021

Turn September into Checktember this year by spending just 10 minutes a day checking your number skills to get set for work and study.

Take part in Checktember by spending just 10 minutes a day on the free and easy-to-use National Numeracy Challenge. You can check your skills with the numbers you use in everyday life, for work and home.

Progress with work or education plans has been tricky because of the pandemic, but one thing is certain: building number confidence can help us all be in the best position going forward, from finding a new job, adapting to a new industry, getting back into study or making the most of a current role.

Graphic of a person with a computer, and text saying "Checktember | 10 mins a day | Check your level | Boost your confidence | Build your number skills"

The National Numeracy Challenge is quick and easy to use. You can understand your current numeracy level and improve in just 10 minutes a day with learning resources that are tailored to your needs.

In recent research, nearly a third of Brits (31%) said they struggle with everyday maths and more than a quarter (29%) avoid situations involving numbers, Checktember is a perfect opportunity to start feeling more confident with the maths we all use in day-to-day life.

“Doing the National Numeracy Challenge gave me such confidence… I know now that I have the skillset and ability to overcome anything related to maths, whether in my day-to-day teaching or in my life outside of work.” – Shannon


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