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How is National Numeracy involved with Multiply?

3 Aug 2023

What is Multiply?

Multiply is a 3-year initiative from the Department for Education to put funding behind reaching and engaging adults who do not yet have a maths qualification, to help them to get started with improving their numeracy.

The spirit of Multiply is to be innovative, trying out ways to break down the barriers that currently stop adults who aren’t confident with numbers from engaging with local provision. The first year of Multiply was completed at the end of March 2023 and Year 2 began in April 2023.

In Year 1, we worked with 13 local authorities to support the adults in their region to take their first steps to improve their confidence and skills with everyday maths.

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How can National Numeracy help local authorities to get the most out of Year 2?

We can help you with a range of innovative, non-substantive, engagement activities – the steps that are crucial before adults are motivated to join formal provision. These include:

  • Our UK Numeracy Index – we have a tool that shows levels of numeracy in your area, right down to ward level. This can help you to target your local provision.
  • We can train Numeracy Champions across your area. Numeracy Champions don't teach maths – they support adults, in workplaces or the community, to increase their confidence so that they can get started with improving their numeracy.
  • We provide the National Numeracy Challenge – our app with half a million users, designed for adults to quickly check their skills and start improving their confidence with numbers.
  • Within the National Numeracy Challenge, we provide access to a new, proprietary exclusive 'nudge' finance app, with impartial information to help adults understand their finances.
  • We can provide communications toolkits and materials to help you support individuals and organisations to get involved across your area. This includes taking part in our two major annual campaigns National Numeracy Day in May and Number Confidence Week in November – as well as our Checktember and 'New Year, New You' themes in November and January, respectively.
  • We can provide access to our Family Maths Toolkit resources – a wealth of activities for the whole family to do together, to help parents & carers to get involved in their children's numeracy.
  • We are able to deliver in-person 'Confidence with Numbers' sessions for adults, or specifically for parents.
  • And we can run local engagement activity to reach and engage adults who do not yet have maths qualifications across your region.

"We were drawn to the expertise of National Numeracy, I wanted to work with an organisation that brings such energy and dynamism into maths. The need for maths isn't going away and from my own experience partnering with National Numeracy they will support you with Multiple, impacting skills levels and confidence within your work force and across your region."

– Parminder Singh Garcha, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority

We look set to work with around one quarter of local authorities in Year 2, including:

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Leicestershire County Council

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North Yorkshire Council

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Somerset Council

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South Tyneside Council

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West Sussex County Council

Want to find out more?

We can help you with all, or just some, of the above, and tailor a support package that meets your needs and budget.

If you'd like to arrange a call to discuss this further, then simply email [email protected]