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Numberblocks to team up with Strictly's Katya Jones this National Numeracy Day

5 May 2023

Who better to show little ones just how interesting and rewarding learning about numbers can be than BBC CBeebies Numberblocks?

National Numeracy are thrilled to again be partnering with Numberblocks for National Numeracy Day to provide confidence-boosting number fun for children.

As part of the campaign on 17 May, Numberblock One herself will be joining us for National Numeracy Day Live!


Coming soon... our brand new National Numeracy Day dance routine from Numberblocks and Katya Jones

National Numeracy Ambassador Katya Jones and Numberblock One will be bringing you a fantastic activity video that shows children how dancing and numbers make perfect partners. You’ll be able to dance along on Numberblocks’ YouTube channel in early May. Watch our Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

Download number fun activity sheets now to enjoy at school or at home

For even more ways to enjoy learning about numbers, there are also five brand-new Numberblocks activity sheets to download, bursting with fun ways to encourage children to get involved in numeracy in an engaging way – with helpful notes for grown-ups to support children at nursery, school or home. Get the activities

Join celebrities and football stars for National Numeracy Day Live 

At 9.30am on May 17 we'll start streaming National Numeracy Day Live, where TV presenter and maths teacher Bobby Seagull will be hosting his Big Number Fun Quiz alongside West Ham United Foundation.

Such an exciting event can’t begin without a dance warm-up to prepare for all the fun… cue Strictly Come Dancing professional Katya Jones and her new friend, Numberblock One, who’ll be adding even more number-themed excitement to the morning!

What they say:

Katya Jones: “I’m here to engage with kids and show them what dancing’s got in common with maths, how by learning and just giving it a go slowly, one step at a time, we can learn new skills and feel more confident. And when you do it with a friend, like Numberblock One, it’s a lot more fun! Hopefully it will encourage younger kids to get involved with maths through the experience of learning to dance: step by step, breaking it down and realising that it’s not as scary as you think.”

Numberblocks: "Numberblocks is the lively CBeebies TV show that brings maths to life for little ones through exciting adventures with Numberblock One and her friends from Zero to One Hundred! All the Numberblocks love a toe-tapping dance routine and we are delighted to be a Lead Delivery Partner for National Numeracy Day."

Enter the Number Heroes Competition, with £6,000 worth of prizes to be won

Don’t forget Bobby Seagull’s Number Heroes Competition, where children are asked to create a drawing of themselves doing their dream job or hobby and tell us all the different ways they’d use numbers, for a chance to win one of six prize bundles worth £1,000 for their school or youth group, as well as a gift voucher for themselves.

Numberblocks and Learning Resources UK have kindly provided a prize for the pre-school category – an incredible MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks Classroom set – which includes plenty of activities to ensure youngsters begin their numeracy journey on the right track.

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