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Bobby Seagull's ambassador hub

"I believe that everyone can do maths and definitely improve their numeracy. We need to dispel the myth that only certain types of people have a mind for numbers.

"I'm proud to support the work of National Numeracy in helping adults to build their numeracy and overcome their maths phobia. Developing your confidence in working with numbers can lead to happier people!"

Number Heroes competition

Since 2021, Bobby has invited children across the UK to take part in National Numeracy Day's annual Number Heroes competition, to show us how they will use numbers when they grow up and have a chance to win a prize for themselves as well as a prize bundle for their school.

“From measuring a free kick at football to measuring medicines as a doctor, every hobby or career children can imagine has numbers in it,” said Bobby. “Our kids can all be Number Heroes, and I can’t wait to see what fantastic ideas they come up with for our National Numeracy Day competition!”